About Us

"CooLikeDat is a brand dedicated to promoting the dopeness that lives in everything CooL."

CooLikeDat is a lifestyle as well as being a blog, magazine, clothing line and a lot more. Established in September of 2009 we've been coming into our own ever since then.

What exactly is CooL to us? Being Yourself. Not conforming to what the masses are doing and being able to voice your own opinion and think your own thoughts. All we do is keep it CooL.

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I am a 20 year old kid from New York. I am an artist. I love art in general whether it be visual or performing. Art is my lifestyle and I've loved hip hop ever since I was a kid. I guess I still am a kid but, that's besides the point. Get to know me I'm a pretty CooL guy if I may say so myself and an artist / graphic designer/ photographer / cinematographer so if you need work done hit my e-mail and we'll talk.

Twitter: stfuindy
E-Mail: stfuindy@gmail.com

They call me Sai, pronounced like "sigh". I have hippie tendencies, bohemian sensibility, and I like my music like Frank Lucas likes work...dope. I'm the West Side Representative of CooL hailing from Southern California, born and bred. I like to do stuff and I like make to stuff, stick around and you'll see. =] "They say to each his own, I say to each her own beat and forget the world if they don't agree with my frequencies.

Twitter: HeySaiKay
E-Mail: SaiKayCLD@gmail.com