November 21, 2009

CooLikeDat Review: Attention Deficit Wale 4.2/5

Wale's Debut Album Attention Deficit 11/10/09

01. Triumph
02. Mamma Told Me
03. Mirrors (featuring Bun B)
04. Pretty Girls (featuring Gucci Mane & Weensey (of Backyard Band))
05. World Tour (featuring. Jazmine Sullivan)
06. Let It Loose (Inhibitions) (featuring. Pharrell Williams)
07. 90210
08. Shades (featuring Chrisette Michele)
09. Chillin’ (featuring Lady Gaga)
10. TV In The Radio (featuring K’Naan)
11. Contemplate
12. Diary (featuring Marsha Ambrosius)
13. Beautiful Bliss (featuring Melanie Fiona & J.Cole)
14. Prescription
(iTunes Bonus Tracks)
15. Center of Attention (Artistic Integrity 2)
16. My Sweety
17. Be Right

Favorites: Beautiful Bliss, 90210 & Mirrors
Not Favorites:

The Washington D.C. born rapper finally after much anticipation released his first studio album. I was so busy in the last two weeks due to my schoolwork I never got a chance to listen to it but this album. Finally today since I wasn't doing anything I decided to listen to it. It is amazing this is the one of the only albums this year that I could listen straight through. It is much better than KiD CuDi's Man on the Moon: End of the Day due to its more advanced lyrical content. KiD CuDi had a more abstract album but the Wale had a straight hip hop album. The album was something I'd expect from Lupe it rivals The Cool for Lupe but a little less dark. Great album I encourage EVERYONE to buy it or if you're to cheap download it!

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