January 20, 2010

CooLikeDat Exclusive: Interview with TT the Artist!

Most people know im always looking for fresh undiscovered music. Even when im not looking for it, i seem to find it lol. WELL to make a long story short, I was on Stevieboi.com (dope glasses by the way) and i heard this song titled "Kick Punch " and fell in love,so this is why this is important.I recently had the opportunity to interview the artist of that song and  rising star, TT the artist. Thanks to TT again! Read the interview right HERE. CooLikeDat exclusive for ya. lol.

Q: First off, Who is TT the Artist?

TT: Hmm Who is Tt the Artist lol? Well, as I begin to develop as an artist over time I tried to create who I would be and how the world would see me. Through it all I discovered that I wanted to present myself as natural and real as I could be. So, TT the Artist represents a true artist not just focusing on music but fine art as well. Before I started pursuing music seriously I studied fine arts at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD. To me, college was about gaining and learning as many skills that I would be able to use later on in my career as an artist. Today, I am very involved in all elements of production from video, graphic design, to songwriting and producing. I am the heart of everything that happens around me and as an artist I care about presenting a complete package. I love creating music but it is just as important to me that people are aware of my background as an artist.

Q: How did you get started with music?

TT: I started rapping sophomore year in high school. One of my friends by the name of Kamesha use to rap and battle against all the guys during lunch period and I remember saying to myself wow this girl has power. I think that was one of the things that sparked my interest in music. The idea of being a women and having so much power through words not the physical self. So I wrote my first 16 bar verse and spit it over and over and over again. there would be moments where Kamesha would put me in the middle of a battle on the spot and I was never one to backdown so I would flow and everybody would go crazy. I learned from one of the best in my eyes and I believe thats why I have this fearless attitude when it comes to performing.

Q: I love the way your name ends with "the artist" leaving your talent open for pretty much anything. Besides music what else do you do?

TT: I have a background in fine art so aside from music I am a graphic designer, illustrator, painter. I also Have a t-shirt line called Artist Tees that I will be releasing this year, so look out for that. I also am a videographer and run my own production company called HOUSEOFT PRODUCTIONS which facilitates everything involving TT THE ARTIST.

Q: What aspects do you classify as artistic?

TT:To me being artistic means being inspired by the world around you, you cannot fabricate a real artist. Real Artist explore all avenues of creativity. They experience the world through all their senses.

Q: Do you have a favorite arist? of any sort?
TT:OMG! YES too many, but right now as far as music I am diggin Lykke Li, Santigold, Rob Roy, Kid Cudi, Diplo and Switch. I also love indie artist on the rise Im a huge supporter of my peers. As far as my favorite fine artist I am inspired by Basquiat, Warhol, Wangechi Mutu, Kalup Linzy, Ellen Gallergher, Kara Walker, Jeff Koons...the list goes on Im into so much right now that its hard to really narrow it down lol

Q: Does the fact that you are a female in music/art affects you in anyway? Why or Why not?
TT:It doesn't affect me as far as my confidence in performing and holding up to my male counterparts, but I think there is a discrepency in the perception of the female artist. There seems to be an industry expectation and formula. I never fit or compromised who I am for what someone else wants to see. If I can not do me then "it's" not for me. I believe that I have gained a lot of respect for being true to myself from the producers and other artist that I come across. Some people what instant satisfaction that comes in the form of currency, but if your really into the art its the message that becomes more important.

Q: What can we expect from you in 2010 and beyond?

TT:Oh boy its on 2010 and thats not an understatement expect a lot, I am getting back into the studio working on my new project and lets just say its gonna be unforgettable. My goal this year is to really put myself out there.

Q: What words of advice would you give to anybody wanting to do what you do, more or less?


Q: Any shoutouts?

TT: YES shouts out to all my supporters keep on believing.

Q: We here at the Coolikedat blog would like to thank you for this interview. We wish you the best with your career and look foward to hearing from you in the future, but we have to ask as a final question...what makes you Coolikedat?

TT:lol MY FRESH EYEWEAR peep the lenses

Here is some information so YOU can go  CHECK HER OUT!

-FOR more info on TT THE ARTIST check me out at www.myspace.com/houseoft and www.youtube.com/tttheartist


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I love your work TT!!!