January 8, 2010

Creative Control: Ski Beats x Stalley x The Cool Kids

COOL KIDS + STALLEY + SKI BEATZ - DO IT BIG from Creative Control on Vimeo.

“We enter a new year with new hopes. Hopes that our transgressions of the last cycle are forgotten and that this upcoming annum is a prosperous one. Creativity does not abide by the Roman calendar and Ski is at one with creativity. You put out good stuff last year, you put out good stuff this year, all that changes is the timestamp on the photograph. This photo captures Ski as he works with Stalley and The Cool Kids on “Do It Big” a new record off of the “24 Hour Karate School” Mixtape. This behind the scenes of the recording sessions serves as a precursor to the video shot for the song coming soon courtesy of Creative Control”

The hook is ok. I don't know maybe its just me or can you expect what comes from The Cool Kids now... Stalley is pretty nice in this video. I gotta find some more of his stuff. I think his beard is removable. Chuck is getting nicer.

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