January 4, 2010

"On To The Next One" x "Forever Young" Jay-Z (Videos)

This video is great. A pretty abstract video coming from J. You can see a the little details in the video that go along with the song. "F*ck that Auto-Tune cuz we Oooonnnn..." -Jay-Z (Best Part)

The video for "Forever Young" Dropped December 22nd but, I believe it is important it should be up here. I like the song with the video instead of the song without the video. I just can't get into it. But, J is Forever Young HOV.

-My suspicions are correct. Almost all of Jay-Z and Beyonce's videos have been in black and white. Well B has all her videos in black and white... But, J. is slowly falling into the trend. Not a bad one though.

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James said...

I figured out about this blog from a friend over the break and i checked it out glad to see you guys are up and running. Great Blog!