March 8, 2010

CooLikeDat Exclusive: Interview W/ EarthGang

Yep...and it happens again. You guys probably saw my recent my post on EarthGang...and hopefully you loved it. lol And as promised at the bottom of that is the interview!! Check out my interview with EarthGang, one of the dopest duo's out right now! And remember...this is a Coolikedat Exclusive =)

Q:First things first…who is EarthGang? How did you guys come up with that name? How did you guys meet?
A: "EarthGang" (one word) is comprised of Eian Hobbes and Johnny Venus. We met in High School in Atlanta, GA. The name just came to me (Johnny Venus) one day and I proposed it to Hobbes to start the group. It's kind of like how the Universe just came to be one day. But the name is Perfect!

Q: Being a duo, what is the most important thing that goes into the creative process of your music and how it gets done?
A: Communication if I come up with a beat or if Hobbes comes up with a hook we tell each other the ideas to a potential song we have in mind. We usually just go at equally with the intentions of making it the coolest song we've made; trying to make each one being better than our last>

Q: Your music is very different I’d say. Where does your inspiration come from?
A: Our inspiration comes from dope shit that we like. Music always inspires more music. So if we hear a song or track or old ass record that we like it'll inspire us to create cooler things. We listen to all types of music and subconsciously try to fuse all of our influences into each track. Sometimes different genres or moods are focused on more with a particular track. But the inspiration comes from things we hear, see, and like.

Q:“The Better Party” was great by the way. Give us your favorite moment, memory, or even song from that project
A:Hobbes- "recording 'Booom' was fun as shit but my favorite song would prolly be 'Acid In My Eyes' because of the classic Hip Hop feel.
Venus- "My favorite part is always the recording and mixing sessions. That's where all ideas are manifested. I love mixing the songs' putting effects on voices, playing with different aspects of the beat. I'm a Studio Rat (we both are) but that's where I'm the happiest. Plus we have fun in studio sessions! and my favorite song would be 'Doc 89' it was prolly the most conceptualized track we have in my eyes and during the mixing we played with everything from reverb too EQ too distortion."

Q: “Acid in My Eyes” is one of my favorite songs and seems to be the favorite of anyone who I give your music to…how did that song come to be? \
A: We got the beat from Fish a producer out of Atlanta. Hobbes wrote the Hook and his verse on the way home after receiving the beat. I put two old verses together for mine. And we recorded it just before leaving for school last year.

Q: Give us your dream team, meaning the team you would put together to produce or feature your next project.
A: Feature:
-Bun B (Uncle Bun)
-Pimp C
-Cool Kids
-Kid Cudi
-Chester French
-Arctic Monkeys
-Ting Tings

-Chuck Inglish
-Pimp C
-Chester French
-Mark Ronson
-Danger Mouse
-Daft Punk
-Ting Tings

Q: Where will EarthGang be in the next five years?
A: EVERYWHERE! (in your cereal boxes, billboards, microwave meals)

Q: ANY shout outs?
A: Euro P Gold
Dream Team

Q: It’s a pretty new ritual around here at CooLikeDat but to top this interview off…what makes Earth Gang CooLikeDat?
A: Genetics lol

You can hit these guys up on twitter: @JohnnyVenus and @SirHobbes
You can also visit EarthGang.Net
Download "The Better Party"....NOW! =) You won't be sorry =)

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