March 8, 2010

CooLikeDat Review: XXL's 10 Freshman for '10 | DJ Whoo Kid

Today, dropped the mixtape presented by DJ Whoo Kid for the Top 10 Freshman for 2010. There was a lot of anticipation for this one. The mixtape is 47 minutes of mostly mediocre tracks that probably got rejected from mixtapes.

First, let me get this off of my chest whoooooooo! Allowed OJ Da Juiceman to be on this mixtape... Or even for that matter what has he done in Hip Hop to even be respected as an rapper. All that he does to increase the marketability of his shytty music is add adlibs that are catchy and the masses eat up. The tracks that he released for this mixtape made the mixtape seem so bad. The fact that both of the tracks ended the mixtape did not help anything out. But, favorites for me on this were J. Cole (Of Course), Big Sean, Fashawn, & Pill.

J. Cole's track was seemed to be a remake 2010 remake of Nas's "Who's World Is This" and the track had the same name. I guess it's like the same thing he did with "Can I Live" on The Warm Up it was like a 2009 version of Jay-Z's "Can I Live." But, a dope track. The great thing about J. Cole like Drake is that he doesn't just have to rap he can try to lightly sing a part of a verse and put deep ass feeling into it. That's why people compare him to Drake.

Big Sean's track "4 My People" had a corny ass hook something I would expect off a Soulja Boy track or Rich Kids. Lyrics were on point though.
"Girls all up in my bed like they like they ate up all my porridge."

But, my man Fashawn went in harder than anyone on the mixtape. The "So Hard (Freestyle)" he killed it.
"I did it without a track from Kanye, beat from Dr. Dre, Hook from T-Pain, Co-Sign from Jay, A 16 from Drake, Cameo from Snoop, Dance like Soulja Boy.. You gotta salute."
I respect that he got famous without using any MAJOR MAJOR names to get his name out. But, he had help from the smaller people so to me it's like he disrespected everyone that helped him. He is like fuck it I made it myself all the few people that helped him out were nobodies in a sense. I don't think I'm explaining it right.

Pill's freestyle on "Angels" was short but, he destroyed it. He went harder than Rick Ross on the remix of Angels. So right now I think it's Lupe, Pill, Rick Ross. (The order of who was the best.)

Acts I That Caught My Attention
: Freddie Gibbs (Sounds Like a Mix of GLC, Nate Dogg, & Consequence), Donnis (Funny as hell on "Thinkin' Bout You" had me dyin')

Mediocre Acts for me
: Wiz Khalifa (Stop Rappin' about WEED), Nipsey Hu$$le (He is on and off for me), Jay Rock (I have no reason just wasn't feelin' it)

Rating: 7.2/10

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