April 29, 2010

CooLikeDat Review: I Want You |Theophilus London

The long awaited mixtape from Theophilus London opens with sultry sounds from Va$htie Kola. With her voice producing very seductive words as to say "I Want You", you know you the ride has just begun. Then the familiar drums and bass of Marvin Gaye's "I Want You" feel your speakers followed by the mellow lyricism of Theophilus London. Although a cover of a classic, it isn't the at least bad and one can say it was even great. Now the real ride has begun with songs like "Sorry To Interrupt", "Starry Eyed (Remix)", that give a very classic 80's sound. The 80s vibe continues with "No Answers" along with a relative hook singing "No matter how hard I try, I can't see the edge".

The mixtape continues to coast through with other sultry soulful and 80s vibe songs. "Flying Overseas" offers a very mellow but dramatic beat that automatically captures you at first drop along with the first words of "Mr. Taxi man...” Theophilus London covers a Tweet classic "Oops" and adds additions such as synths and other futuristic sounds. Then comes "Accept the New" that offers a very snazzy hook as well as music. The mixtape continues with some very melodic efforts. "Give It up Dad" offers lyrics that any teenager or person that has had a problem with their dad can understand with the utmost pleasure. Foreign sounds come from songs like "Don't Be Afraid" as well as a very different melody in "A Strangers Heart". "Life of a Lover" is a soulful song for anyone who needs some down time and "Soles on Fire" gives us a somewhat relative beat and is more on the commercial side of music, but is nonetheless full of qualitative in terms of music and lyrics.

By track 17 "Understood", it is understood that even with two songs left, this mixtape has been nothing less than great. With lyrics for any and every one of any range and music that spans from 80s pianos to futuristic beams and back to the soul of the 60s and 70s, Theophilus London has proved to us that the free download of "I Want You" is more than a steal, but a musical experience that all should partake in.

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