May 31, 2010

CooLikeDat Review: The Choice Is Yours | Don Cannon

Tha fuck? I found this posted all over @illroots. After the Cav's lost their shot at a ring this year LeBron decided to become a free agent. This mixtape is dedicated to LeBron. Every verse on this tape is dedicated to bringing LeBron to their city. Why? One thing I must address is Brisco! Where the hell has he been?

Uncle Murda - Brooklyn, Nets / New York, Knicks (You already know!)
Brisco - Miami, Heat
Chip Tha Ripper - Cleveland, Cavilers (He isn't going back Chip)
Mikey Rocks - Chicago, Bulls (Disrespected New York... Negative Points! Hilarious verses though.)
Jadakiss - New York, Knicks (You ALREADY KNOW!)
Nipsey Hu$$le -  Los Angeles, Lakers (LA would be unstoppable if LeBron was on the Lakers)
Atlanta, Hawks - Don Cannon (I don't think he counts)

My favorite track on this mixtape is "I'm The Man." Why did they dedicated three tracks to LeBron?! I understand one track but, not a whole mini-mixtape. But, in the end I think that New York is the best choice! From what I know right now ESPN reported that Chicago is the front-runner in LeBron's choices. But, Jada really brought out the fact that New York would be the best choice. "Billboards life sized, Jersey sales through the roof, sneakers likewise." Its the truth though. But, even better if he signed with the Brooklyn, Nets it. Fresh team... Fresh Jerseys.


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