June 10, 2010

CooLikeDat Review: Tacklebox (Mixtape) | The Cool Kids

The Cool Kids dropped their fifth, and most recent mixtape entitled Tacklebox. This is surely not my favorite mixtape from them.. I know it's got a couple of tracks that are bumpin'. But, I think I was listening to it the wrong way. Chuck said stop bumping it on laptops but, my laptop is connected to my stereo. Also, I uploaded the tracks onto my phone memory card and I have some pretty nice noise canceling Beats by Dre Coby headphones.
         There old stuff was doper. Gone Fishing might be my favorite mixtape that's out from them. I know Chuck isn't a "real" but, his rhymes slipped on this one. The beats were pretty dull nothing ear catching except for Fishing Lessons & Gettin' Flicked. I used to love The Cool Kids because their beats were so ill. But, it seems honestly that Chiddy Bang is now my favorite new school hip hop group right now.  Mikey was hilarious as usual. A whole bunch of dope lines. A lot of hype on this one but, it's probably gonna grow on me.
          By the way Tennille did this tape some justice. I wouldn't have any other singer on this & Boldy James killed his verses on "Gettin' Flicked" which I figured out from Mikey is straight up G.

"I make that thing drop like the socks when they lose the elastic." - Mikey Rocks

Favorite Songs: Fishing Lessons, Great Outdoors, Good Afternoon, Parking Lot, Summer Nights, Gettin' Flicked


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