June 27, 2010

CooLikeDat Review: Thank Me Later | Drake

Aubrey Drake Graham's debut album Thank Me Later hit shelves almost two weeks ago, June 15th. Many people do not know that Drake's 2009 mixtape entitled So Far Gone was a mixtape. But, it had the notoriety of a full length album. I actually caught onto the whole Drake wave late because so many of what me and a couple friends, "The Weezy Riders (People that listened nothing but, Wayne)" were like Drake is amazing. I listened to So Far Gone after all the hype of the "Ransom" release. The first track where I noticed Drake was a special artist was "Say What's Real." I never thought anyone could crush a beat like that. When Kanye dropped the original track on 808's I never thought someone could tear that beat to shreds. Honestly, that song hit so many spots. I felt like I knew Drake. Not many artists let you into their life like that in such a vivid way. But, enough about So Far Gone. Thank Me Later was a great album. I actually listened to the leak two weeks early and decided to buy the actually album on June 17th. I encourage everyone to get the album instead of leaking it. The album version of "Fireworks" is different from the leaked version of it. Drake is an ultra talented artist. Drake is carrying YM on his back while Wayne is locked up. He paints such a vivid picture into his life and how people think he changed up and dealing with the problem. But, you can thank him later.

My favorite tracks are
Fireworks (Official Album Version) | Karaoke | Show Me A Good Time | Up All Night | Light Up | Miss Me | Fancy | Thank Me Now

8.8 / 10


Lynx said...

Take out Miss Me and add in Unforgettable and Shut It down as your fav..immediately lol

IndyIzCooLikeDat said...