July 11, 2010

CooLikeDat Exclusive: Interview w/ TiRon!

CLD:How did you get started with music?
TiRon: I've always been a fan of music and even as a little kid (7 or 8) used to look at and read the liner notes of old vinyl.  My uncle Nate had a record collection and I used to listen to Stevie Wonder's "Hotter Than July" album and read along with the words.  My uncle Fuzzy probably inspired me to actually get involved in the instrumentation of it though.  He played guitar and had a studio in the basement, so while everyone was outside playing I was figuring out ways to sneak into the basement.
CLD: How does it feel to be such a well known name in the underground/under the radar scene?
TiRon:Feels cool because I remember what it was like looking up to and listening to cats that were under the radar.  Feeling like I was the only one that was listening to certain artists made me promote for them extra tough like, "YO, YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS KID!!!" cause I always felt like I was exposing people to new music.  So the idea that people are now doing that with my music is a blessing.  It's always good to be appreciated for your work.
CLD:What are your feelings on your mixtape “MSTRD”
TiRon:I'm very happy with it.  It turned out better than I had anticipated.  My favorite song changes from day to day on it, hopefully everyone else says the same.
CLD: What makes MSTRD different from the other mixtapes and projects that you have put out?
TiRon:MSTRD is more personal.  A lot more focused and a bit more sonically abstract.  I experimented with different ranges and sounds, as well as rhyme patterns.  It's a bit more developed than "Ketchup", a lot less filler.
CLD:What is the final message that you want your fans and listeners to receive when listening to your music?
TiRon: I suppose the message I've always pushed is to be creative and create, in anything you do.  I feel there are so many people that fall in line and conform with what the "standard" is supposed to be instead of recreating the standard.  People generally feel that there is no market for their voice so they constantly try to fit in.  For example....we get the same movies over and over, remake after remake after remake after remake....the studios are afraid to take chances on new original scripts so as a result people stop writing them in an effort to get these jobs.  I feel musicians do the same thing and as a result no one pushes the envelope and music remains quite boring...especially in hip hop.
CLD:The names of your most recent projects have all been names of condiments lol. Can you tell us your reasoning for this?
TiRon:I just wanted to create something imaginative for the listener.  Not just the standard cliche title with tons of interchangeable songs on the project....or your standard "mixtape".  Also, these aren't albums much like Ketchup and Mustard isn't food.  They're condiments that help you appreciate the meal you are about to eat, without them yeah, you would still eat the meal and be full but I feel like Ketchup and Mustard bring the flavor out of certain foods...for lack of a better way of saying it, it helps your taste buds comprehend the flavor of your meal.  That's why I dont call MSTRD a mixtape, MSTRD is just simply MSTRD...nothing more nothing less.
CLD:My favorite song and video from you is “Ms. Right” featuring Ayomari. Where did the idea and inspiration come from for both the song and video?
TiRon:We were just listening to DOOM's "Special Herbs" project and vibing out.  That particular joint came on and me and Ayo looked at each other like....thats the one!  And randomly I blurted out, "Write about your ideal girl."  If I have a gut feeling or an impulse I'll just shout shit out as to not sit on ideas and music until it becomes stale and uninspiring.  As for the video, its not the official video for it, it was just a video we released for Valentines Day.  There were definitely a lot of bitter beer faces on that day and we wanted to make something to help people smile and appreciate being single, cause its better than being in a dysfunctional relationship.
CLD:For people who don’t know you’re music or the people who you are trying to reach out to, what is one song that you would want them to listen to in order to get who you are as an artist?
TiRon:Hmm....It's hard to say really because who I am as an artist has grown from who I was as an artist last year.  Last year I would have told you Go Ronnie & Sydney...this year I would say 60901, 1ne, or For Your Smile.  Next year I'll say something different.
CLD:What can we expect from TiRon in the future?
TiRon:You can expect to learn more about me because I'm learning more about how to express who I am through music.  Hopefully by the end of the journey you will feel like you understand me a bit more.
CLD: Here at the CooLikeDat blog would like to thank you for your time and as a last question…we always like to ask: what makes you CooLikeDat?
TiRon: What makes me CooLikeDat is MSTRD.  www.thecafeterialine.com
and follow me on Twitter if you wanna know how I'm CooLikeDat (@IMTIRON)

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