July 13, 2010

CooLikeDat Review: Pilot Talk | Curren$y

Pilot Talk dropped today, July 13th and I've been waiting for months, literally. Ever since I saw the "Prioritize" video I was so exicted. Over all I am very proud of the outcome but, let's take a trip through the album hopefully you got it. But, if you didn't make sure you cop it and don't just get the leak its worth it. Really... Curren$y has been giving out free music for the longest time! Just give the dude your money haha... Sorry for this a lil' toasty rite now.

Jets Nigga Where Haven't We Been Yet...

The album started off in a weird way... I really didn't know what to expect with Example it was more of a fuck it I made it type of beat during the hook but, then it lowers when Curren$y starts to flow. Uncalled for pretty much. But, on this track Curren$y is basically letting everyone know to "boss up" and get to the grind. Which is always a good message! Then, he took it to Audio Dope II. If you know Curren$y you know he had a track on the Smokey Robinson Mixtape entitled Audio Dope so this is part two. He hits you with hard rhymes in a laid back way. "Kick the shyt outta beat, call in CSI." King Kong is of course a great track paying respect Denzel's famous quote in Training Day "King Kong ain't got nothin' on me." and gives it a harder edge and with this beat. I honestly thought of Donkey Kong or some type of video game with the sound samples in the background. With "Seat Change" I didn't expect Snoop to be on the album and I didn't know where he was going with that. The track has a weird sound to it with the flanger added to it. I think Wiz was supposed to be on the track due to the fact he said in the beginning "It's the Planes & the Taylor Gang." But, too bad he didn't get cleared to be on the album. Snoop's verse was whatever to me. Breakfast was a great new jazzy remix. I love the album version. If you didn't know the original track was produced by Mos Def. You already know Spitta dropped hard ass bars if you heard the track. I actually saw the new Karate Kid it was a huge disappointment because now whenever I think of Karate Kid I think of Curren$y listen to the last line and you will understand. No crane kick was performed in the new one...  (By the way that Mos Def saying "You're the best at the end.") and then the track just rides out. Honestly, before I heard this track "Roasted" I haven't been able to take Trademark seriously ever since I saw him smoke between to butter knives in Mythblazers on YouTube. But, he has the same type of personality that Curren$y has but, he's just not Spitta. Trademark has tough as tracks though. I have no idea who Young Roddy is. "Skybourne" is a kinda like "No Wheaties" well at least the features have the same flows. And it's featuring the same people Big K.R.I.T. & Smoke DZA. "The Hangover" << Not reexplaining. I really feel like I heard this track before like a leak but, I don't know. I really am not feeling Mos Def on this hook. Jay Electronica as usual crushes his verse. My favorite track by Curren$y of all time I have no idea why... his flow is just so fuckin' hard on this! The hook is tough everything about it is tough. Nebsy Phips was ment to be on this track to. Sometimes features can kill a song but, he complimented it. THEN... "CHILD COUGHPHEE" comes outta no where! Devin the Dude brings his a unique flow to the whole album. The beat is so crazy too... not one I would expect Curren$y to rap on but he did say whatever he likes he raps on. "Address" is not one of my favorite tracks but, its not a bad track @ all. I just don't think I like Curren$y on the track. It was more of Stalley's type. Ski Beatz shoulda just given it o to Stalley. Lastly, it ends off with the victory track "Life Under the Scope." Letting you guys who haven't heard the album the version of this track is different from the original track. "We belong on the top but, we ain't trippin' we get there in a minute." I felt like the album wasn't complete unless Wiz was on it because Curren$y & Wiz are like the super duo of this year. So I added... "Scaling the Building" as the last track. :) But, over all great album.


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