July 26, 2010

MTV's Sucker Free Summit

I haven't even seen this yet! I but, I know Wiz won Breakthrough Artist of the year. I will do a post on reaction after this!!! I'm nervous * @mrchicity33 voice

Update: My reaction was pretty much. What the hell??? Ron Artest is really a rapper!? Why is he on the panel. That shocked me more than the actual summit. The board of people that were showcased in front of everyone including Bun B, Fat Joe, Ron Artest, Miss Info and some other people I can't remember was ultra biased. I don't even know why they had these people. Bun B continuously chose rappers from the south no disrespect or anything. But, it was ridiculous Ron  Artest didn't know what the fuck he was talking about. Yeah, In one word ridiculous.

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