September 12, 2010

CooLikeDat Exclusive: Interview W/ GhostWridah

 For Sometime now we have had this in the works but, finally @_GhostWridah_ returned the transcript. Enjoy after the jump.

For those who don't know who exactly is GhostWridah?

A: GhostWridah is a passionate artist who strives to be a musical historian and a fashion icon!

Is there a meaning behind the name?

A: Yes.. I got it because I use to write all the verses for this group I was in as a teen. One day I walked into the studio and my homie was like what's up "GhostWriter"(?) I found out what the term meant and it kind of stuck with me from then on!

How long have you been producing? How did You get into it?

A: Actually, I don't produce… I have a group of producers on The L.Y.F.E. (Lowkey, Rem, & Mr. Familiar) that provide top notch production. They help shape the "GhostWridah song" that you hear on these records. Maybe one day I'll get into it but right now I'm just focusing on being the best artist I can be.

What separates you from other MC's?

A: For one my leadership qualities… and second the music within itself. My sound isn't the typical "Miami sound" if you think about it. Plus I think I'm developing that almost perfect balance that it takes to win as a lyricist in this day in age.

Who were your influences growing up?

A: I was influenced by my older brother, Roy Jeffery more than anyone but outside of him I'd have to say, Ice cube & N.W.A., The pharcyde, Outkast, Jay-Z, Nas, Wu Tang Clan, A Tribe called Quest… Man I could go on and on! I guess hip hop in gnarl just inspired me to be a contributor of the culture. I fell in love with the genre at an early age.

What artists do you listen to right now?

A: Honestly I have a wide selection of music that I listen to… I love Feists' music… I listen to her a lot. Also Cold Play, Daft Punk, The Dave Matthews Band, Maroon 5, RadioHead, SantiGold… Just started to get into indie bands as well. I'm sure that wasn't the answer you were expecting [laughs] but as for hip hop… Jay-Z, NaS, Outkast, B.I.G., Pac, UGK, Kanye West, Lupe, 50 cent, kid cudi, wale', Drake, Billy Blue… I just love music period so again I could go on and on but you get the gist of my taste, I hope.

Do you have a favorite artist or producer you work with?

A: Favorite producers I've worked with would have to be Lowkey & Don Cannon… As for favorite artist… That's a tough one because even though I've worked with some really talented artist I still have such a long list of artist that I'd love to work with… Stay tuned for the T.R.O.Y. album!

What can we expect the upcoming months in 2010?

A: Well I just dropped 'In Love With My Future' which is doing very well at the moment as far as the response from the general public and downloads show. As for the next couple of months; I'm dropping about 2 more mixtapes and one more LP with Don Cannon & 2dopeboyz titled 'American Alien' on christmas eve! Shooting a video for EVERY SINGLE SONG on 'ILWMF.' I'm looking forward to Getting started on my clothing line, UnLawFUL LYFE as well as my film company, CREATE-A-LYFE. Big ventures in the works, stay tuned!

We here at the CooLikeDat would like to thank you for this interview. We wish you the best with your career and look foward to hearing from you in the future, but we have to ask as a final question... What makes you CooLikeDat?

A: Besides the fact that I'm not afraid to be the person my mother raised... I'd say my Fans; They are the greatest!

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