September 19, 2010

CooLikeDat One Year Anniversary Relaunch

Don't call it a comeback. But, after weeks we are finally relaunching. It's been one year since I Indy started this site, CooLikeDat. I really don't know why or how but, @ParisArtelli  insisted that I post this. He asked me why I started the site and I replied with

"it was last yeararound this time school just started
and my homeboy made a blog with one post and i saw it
and shyt was mad cool
and i was like fuck that
i'm a g
i can do better
waaaaaah bam coolikedat
and i been scheming ways to get rich ever since" 
-Me to @ParisArtelli via Facebook Chat

But, yeah I made this blog to promote the dopeness that lives in everything CooLikeDat. But, I'd like to thank everyone one who viewed the site in the first year and we made it to about 50,000+ views from 0. We have had interviews from producers like Xaphoon from Chiddy Bang to Rappers like XV. This year we plan on taking it to another level. How you ask? By expanding our horizons by appealing to different people. If you have any ideas for the site and directions it should be taken hit us up on twitter @CooLikeDatBlog or @HeySaiKay. I would like to thank everyone who made this year possible. 

The READERS! Sai of CooLikeDat, Mable of CooLikeDat, Christian P. Of B.E.Z. Stylz, Art n Hustle, SFO, PRIMOkLASS, E. Nigma, Elz from Genius Kreations,  Marc Legends & everyone who made it possible.

"CooLikeDat is everything cool. Cool people cool post and what I love most is the fact that they express there opinions in a intelligent way no hate just opinions. We truly look forward to the relaunch and wish you all much success." - Corey Hustle

"CooLikeDat is a dope blog site that should be visited daily! Always bringing the best content. Videos, Music,News, & Interviews." -Genius Kreations

"I (Christian.P) has nothing but amazing things to say about my lil bro and his blog. I can't believe its been a year already(Oh how time flyes) and since we pared up a year ago its been nothing but success. They have been nothing but big supporters of B.E.Z Stylz Clothing, they constantly are looking to improve the post quality and site itself. I am a HUGE supporter of CooLikeDat and will continue to show love and support till the end of time ya heard me. I appreciate all the love and support that my bro and the crew of CooLikeDat show me and my line and in return I will be giving the same love and support! B.E.Z Stylz clothing has a big surprise for CooLikeDat near the end of the year(top secret) so make sure yall stay tuned because it's going to be big...I mean real BIG! Again thank yall so much B.E.Z Stylz will always support CooLikeDat Blog" -Christian P of BEZ Stylz

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