October 10, 2010

CooLikeDat Exclusive: Interview w/ Nello Luchi!

Who is Nello Luchi?

Nello first off is the conscious side of me. Luchi is the hustler, the raw spitter, the chick from the hood that just doesnt give an f*** about what people say about her... 
Luchi is kind of the extra confident side of me. I also have an Alias "Plane Jane". Plane Jane is the weirdo side of me which i love. Thats the side of me that likes to play with words and make up different rhyme patterns. Nello Luchi is stylish, cool, but at the same time
very serious and loves to be creative. I hate being put in a box so i usually like to stand outside of it. Nello Luchi is very unpredictible. I say what i want and 
do what i want. Im a rebel with a cause. 

How did you get started with music?

Well, before i even knew how to talk i was nodding my head and dancing to music. My dad use to play Yo! MTV Raps with Fab 5 Freddy and Ed Lover and Dr Dre so i was definitely in tuned with all things hip hop. I love old school hip hop and try to incorporate it into my music whenever i can. My entire family is into music. 
We all grew up in the church and if you didnt have great vocals you played an instrument or you did both.I use to be in choirs in school and in the childrens choir in church. I can sing as well but im not as confident in singing as i am in rapping so i stick to what im best at (lol). I am blessed to have a very good ear for music. I first started by writing poetry and after i got compliments for writing good poems i just started putting my poems to hip hop beats and the rest is history. I actually started rhyming
at the age of 13.

What is your reaction to the success of "Breathe In" the mixtape?

It's such a great experience and i am so overwhelmed with joy. I have been shown so much love. People have told me that they're excited that 
there is a female artist out that actually can spit and has something to say. Even though the mixtape is doing well i am going to try my best to keep on pushing this mixtape because i think it deserves more attention. As an artist i don't ever want to be too comfortable with my craft. I put my heart and soul into this music and i can i want the whole world to hear it. Anything is possible now these days. lol 

Do you have any special memories from making this mixtape or from your budding career in general?

Well... i remember meeting Jay-Z in 2005 at baseline studios. I was introduced by his nephew Colleek (R.I.P) who was a trying to help me with my career at the time. 
Now i was totally a Jay-z fan. I idolized this man at the time. I mean... this was Mr. S. Carter! Anyway... I was hella tired and so i was sleeping in the studio. I heard Jay's voice and thought that i was dreaming. My boy Colleek says to Jay "This is my homegirl Nello and shes a rapper". 
Mind you im still halfway sleep so its still not registering to me that this is Jay-Z . So Jay says "Oh Word" then he shakes my hand...The softest hands ive ever touched in my life.  He asks me "You Good?". and i say "Yeah just a lil tired". Then he says "Colleek you cant be having no tired ass rappers... what the fuck?!". He said it as a joke so i said really low "ok i'll see you". After he left the room i finally realized what happened and so i got on my sidekick (which was the illest phone at the time) and text my brother. My hands were shaking like crazy. haha!!! very funny and unforgettable moment. 

Are you compared to anybody? If so, who and why?

I've been compared to so many people. Back in the days i was compared to Beanie Sigel for whatever reason. He is one of my favorite artist still. I've been compared to Mc Lyte. im not sure if its the voice or what. I absolutely looooove Lyte. Now adays i get that im like a female Lupe or Kanye or even Jay-z. I toltally respect it. It's actually a compliment. I guess its because of the content of my music or the way i put my words together. 

Do you have a favorite song from the "Breathe In" mixtape?

My favorite song on "Breathe In"??? Let me say that my boy K'riem Scott who produced the mixtape did an excellent job on the beats.
I'm really not sure though. I love all of them all. I think as of now my favorite song may be "this is the life". The sample that was used for the beat is The Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Soft Shock". I love that song and asked K'riem could he sample the beat and he did. It just reminds me of my time spent in
California. Also the title song "Breathe In" which i wrote and recorded in 2004. That song was and still is very important to me. It is the very reason i named my mixtape after the song who K'riem sampled from Erykah Badu's song called "Didn't ya know".

Who are some of your inspirations?

My Grandmother Evelyn Smith, My other grandmother who passed away this February to cancer Lowreen Smith, Colleek D. Luckie, Patti Labelle, Jay-Z, 
Aaliyah, Run DMC, Lauren Hill and my mentor Chrisette Michele 

Who is your dream team? (Artists, producers, writers, directors, etc)?

Artist: Electrik Red because they are the shit! Point blank PERIOD!!!, Curren$y, Jay-Z, The-Dream, J. Cole, Fantasia, Lauren Hill, Chrisette Michele
Producers: Kanye West, Timberland, My boys K'riem Scott and Shamtrax, Rza, Premier, Pharrell Williams, Ski Beats, Chuck Harmony
Writers: My boy J. Meyer, Lauren Hill, The-Dream, Chrisette Michele, and Myself. I would  never let anyone write my rhymes... sorry
Directors: Hyper Williams, Benny Boom, Little X, Steven Speilberg (that would be insane!!! lol)

What can we expect from Nello Luchi in the future?

Well i have some shows coming up, music videos, photoshoots. i'm working on the follow up to this mixtape which ia going to be insane. 
Im trying to create a heavy buzz. I'm not in a rush to get signed but if it happens... Leggo!!! I want to make my way into this music game being me and only me. 
I want to be able to kick my feet up, and say "honey... im home!!!". Once im in there... i aint going nowhere. 
Someone's going to have to find me a room with a comfy bed and some pajamas because im moving in and claiming my spot. lol

We here at CooLikeDat would like to thank you for the interview and as a closing question we always like to ask: What makes you CooLikeDat?

#1 Cool Like Dat is one of my fav records of all time. Lady Bug Mecca was sooo smooth on that. They call me Nello So Cool and i am the one of coolest you will ever meet.
Also im from Brooklyn , NY... whats cooler than that? Nothing right? lol 

Any shout outs?

Shout out to all my pplz from BK, Steph, Skeez, J Meyer, Nine11Kevin, Celos, Johnnyboy, K'riem Scott, Sham, Brad, Soho, HLA, Deeandra, Dana, Janine, Halsey, Spooky Ty, 
Lem, Quinn, Chrissy Sr & Jr. Sheesh!!! S/O to everyone i know. S/O to Coolikedat for making this possible. If you havent downloaded the mixtape please do. its really dope! 
*pats myself on the back* lol. 1 luv!


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