October 31, 2010

CooLikeDat Exclusive: Interview w/ Versis!

1.) Who is Versis?

We'll both find out in the years to come. I'm still searching for that answer myself.

2.) How did you get started with music?

 I'd say it all started back in 3rd grade. My cousin had me hip to The Lyricist Lounge Show & skate tapes that featured all kinds of good music in general. The skate tapes always had dope soundtracks. I played a couple instruments through-out elementary & middle school i.e piano, djembe, clarinet, flute, hell, even the accordion.

3.) Congrats on the success of "iLLCANDESCENT". What is your reaction to the accolades and positivity its receiving?

 Beyond my expectations to say the least. Folks I look-up to are with it. That let's me know I'm doing something right. Now to only duplicate that for about a decade. HA! I'm not done promoting yet, though. More visuals & shows are on the way soon. 

4.) One of the peoples favorite songs on "iLLCANDESCENT" is "Life After You". How did that song come to be? 

That's crazy I keep hearing that...& somebody just told me that last night at the Black Milk show. Not sure why people dig that one so much. It's just a simple "thank you" to everyone involved in my life. Friends, family, & even the foes. It initially started off as a "getting over her" song; but it turned into more than that.

5.) When I show most people your music, they are often surprised at your lyrical ability AND your age. How does that feel? 

Surreal. It trips me out to hear people say "you sound so polished for your age" *stops the record* I still think I've got plenty work to do before I can truly be considered "polished"

6.) What is one thing you want people to walk away with when they hear your music?

Inspiration to make moves regardless.

7.) Give us one memory from recording "iLLCANDESCENT" 

Bus missions from Pasadena to West LA on the weekly or as often as possible to record. It's crazy how it all came about. I hit up T. Hemingway ( mind you I've already been a fan for a couple years at the time ) online & all I did was mention this Common "Black Maybe" remix he dropped some years back;he offered me that beat! - I didn't even expect it. Of course I said "HELL, yeah". That song became the title track & the reason I decided to not wait on dropping a debut. 
8.) What can we expect from Versis in the future? 

Another question that can only be answered by none other than Time. I'm not that dude, but if you happen to see him before I do, lemme know!

9.) Where can the people reach you and listen to your music? 
One time, at Bandcamp!" ---> http://versis.bandcamp.com/

10.) We here at the CooLikeDat Blog would like to thank you for this interview and in closing we always like to ask: What makes you CooLikeDat? 
These are just my baby steps & first words!

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