November 7, 2010

Coolikedat Exclusive: Interview w/ Chuuwee!

1-Who are Lee Bannon and Chuuwee?

Just 2 average dudes that are both good at what they do. Its like a best of both worlds feel him on the beats me with the bars. Almost like a 2010 Gangstarr if you would.

2-Where are you from originally?

I'm originally from San Antonio,Texas but Sacramento,CA is my homestead

3-How did you and Lee Bannon meet?

We met at a homegirls house one day. I'd always heard of Bannons stuff and we just so happened to be kicking it there one day.

4-What are you reactions to the success of "Hot N Ready"

I knew hot n ready would be huge but I'm humbled so I didn't expect it to be this big. I'm glad that everyone is receiving it the way they are I felt like I was the last person on earth still bumping that golden era 90's boom bap so I'm really glad to see people still have space for it in their itunes.

5-Give us one memory/story from the process of making "Hot N Ready"

I actually wrote Hot N Ready in less than a week. Bannon sent over the beats and I just went to work. The project was completely finished in less than a months time we just waited for the right time to drop it on the public.

6-Who would be a part of your dream team(producers, directors, artists)?

There's so many diffrent combos I can't even answer the right way. Other than my crew T.U.S I'd have to say Method Man, Erykah Badu, Big L and Lauryn Hill for artists and production by Ski, Dj Premier, Madlib and Dilla would be a pretty nice dream team.

7-If you had to take one song from "Hot N Ready" and that would be the only song people could hear from you, what would it be?

"This One For You" or "Sac". People never really understand how hard it is to be an MC in such a time we're in. Often times when you spit a heartfelt verse like that they deem it as a complaint. And Sac-town never gets the positive feed that we deserve. Through all the rumors and truths about, sac as negative as they can be, its a very beautiful and diverse city filled with a lot of talent.

8-There's a very authentic hip hop sound that comes from your music. A sound this is definitely missing from hip hop today. What are your reasons for this?

A big reason being that since birth I've been stuck in the 90's music scene. Growing up I didn't listen to much but older albums from a lot of the classics. And being introduced by so much diffrent music due to my parents I always wanted to blend the classic style of hiphop with how they do rap today.

9-What can we expect from Chuuwee in the future?

Big Big things. Just keep your eyes open there's some crazy stuff up ahead.

10- As a closing question we always like to ask, What makes you guys CooLikeDat?

What makes me cool like that is my rhymes, style and diversity. Stay tuned in the near future and you'll see yourself haha.

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