November 14, 2010

CooLikeDat Exclusive: Interview w/ Koncept!

Who is Koncept?
Koncept is 1 of 4 emcees from the Brown Bag AllStars. Originally from Jackson Heights in Queens, NY, now residing in Brooklyn. An ultimate bar fighting champion, with the energy of a ninja who uses his flying kicks to get his point across. Oh yeah, and I rap.

How did you get into music?
Always been into music. Ma dukes got me my first album (cassette tape, remember those?) when i was 3 years old. Michael Jackson "Bad". Remember dancing to that ish all the time! My moves were fly! haha

Tell us about your latest project.
My latest project: Koncept "Playing Life" EP, first dropped as a 9 track free download. Later released as a Physical CD which has exclusive bonus tracks not available online. The project features outstanding production from the talented Brown Bag producers J57 & The Audible Doctor, as well as the young jedi, marink. Also has bangin' production from DJ Brace, maticulous & DJ Dyllemma. Guest features from the geniuses  themselves - Sene, Silent Knight & J57. All the cuts on the project are from the amazing Juno Winning/ DMC Champion, DJ Brace.

How do you maintain the level of success you've obtained and still stay true to your craft?
I just continue to work hard, be myself without any compromise and surround myself with talented motivated people. My group members, friends, and people in my circle are some of the most talented individuals I know and have met. They inspire me to constantly be better and work harder. The bar of my success is set higher everyday. 

Who would like to work with in the future?
I want to work with people who have the same respect for me as I have for them. So features and collabs that I want to work on I guess will fall in place over time.
One person who I do want to work with tho is Pharoahe Monch.

Give us your favorite hip hop line/bar ever? Why is that your favorite?
Waka Flocka
"sex s e x imma beat that pussy up yeah shawty no flex put me to the test i can make your leg shake bet i make the bed brake make yo booty gain weight"
Because that shit is soooo ILL!!!
hahahaha I'm fucking around. I kinda feel bad that I just googled that.

What's your most vivid memory from your career so far?
I would probably have to say hitting the stage at Brooklyn Hip Hop festival. At the time, that was the biggest show we did, and hitting the stage and seeing all those people got my adrenaline pumping so hard I felt like I was stepping into a boxing ring. I had so much excitement I was actually jumping up and down waiting to be called on the stage. haha That shit was fun. My career is only beginning. 

Something many people might not know about you?
I love cheesesteaks, mojitos, and long walks down 3rd avenue.

Much respect to EVERYONE that has supported "Playing Life" as well as everything that me and my crew has done thus far. Really appreciate all of you! Believe me when I tell you that this is only the beginning. If you like what you have heard, you are going to love what is soon to come.
Much respect to Saidah Kay & CooLikeDat for being so damn cool!!

We here at the CooLikeDat Blog would like to thank you for this interview and as the last question we always like to ask: what makes you CooLikeDat? 
No, Thank you! What makes me CooLikeDat is my voice and my music, and that is all. Your image doesn't make noise.

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