November 2, 2010

CooLikeDat Review: Nothing | N.E.R.D.

With the opening "what I need, what I need is that girl there" of N.E.R.D's T.I. Assisted "Party People" you think Nothing is going to be nothing but a normal party filled N.E.R.D album. Well, you're partially right. Even with the hype saturated club ready anthems like "Party People", "Nothing on You", and "Hot N Fun" , Nothing stands as one of N.E.R.D.'s most politically abrasive albums yet.

Songs like "Life as a Fish" tackle the subject matter of creationism, evolution, and Genesis...something Hip Hop has yet to do to the extent of dedicating an entire song to those topics. "Its In the Air" opens with a mans random rant and disapproval of America's media core and is followed by a jazz and piano assisted metaphorical song for "fake" . Pharrell offers his vocal talents once again like he did with "Help Me", another socially topped song inspired by the likes of rock bands from the 70s and 80s. 

However, don't be scared! N.E.R.D. Still provides the unorthodox lyrics that their fans have admired since Their debut album "In Search Of". "Sacred Temple" offers a different take on attraction with lyrics like "You're my temple, get all my needs, and I come to you!".  The end of the album helps round out exactly what N.E.R.D. was trying to do with this Project. "I Wanna Jam" and "The Man" end the album with two songs of rebellion, revolution, and all out fun. Lyrics from "I wanna Jam" like "All you old school ni**az should just go fishing for pearls, I came to sweat!" could easily be the summary of the album. 

Now this album is definitely a different sound From the bass and synth pumped band of the past, but the music is nothing less than qualitative. Taking on many subject matters that mainstream music chooses to ignore, Nothing is that breath of fresh air for the mind and body. This isn't to say that you won't dig what their talking about because even though they took chances with the topics, they will more than likely make you move with whatever they're speaking of. 

Although the flow of the album could be better, Nothing stands as the soundtrack for the little boy wearing purple in a circle of people wearing white in the 70's. It is different, not bad and if you open your mind to it, you can love this album just as much as any of the others.

My favorite tracks: Sacred Temple | Party People | Its in the Air | Help Me | I've Seen The Light | I Wanna Jam | The Man 


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