November 9, 2010

#FreeWiz Wiz Khalifa Gets Arrested At ECU [Video]

Although still the details are sketchy... But here is the actual footage of Wizzle gettin cuffed. I cannot figure out if it was 45 minutes into the performance or following the show...? But, a lot of recent details say that it was after the show. His tour bus was raided by the police it is still undisclosed how much marijuana they found. Along with Wiz, Jerm, Will (his tour manager) and Bill got arrested. Yelawolf his tour-mate did not. #FreeWiz is the number one trending topic on twitter world wide. All I have to say is smoke something for the homie and support. Taylor Gang or Get Arrested For Weed Possession... Too soon? Fuck it TGOD.

"sure it wasnt any assault rifles,kilo's, or dead hookers so cuzzo will be str8...stop all dat puss ass fretting..we G's..chips is wack tho" @currenSy_spitta responding last night