November 13, 2010

Infinity | Dannie Phantom [LP]

Check out "Infinity" from Artist Dannie Phantom! Im listening to it now and have no complaints, super dope! Download and tell your friends!

I present my Sophomore , Self Produced Album , INFINITY . Alot of hours went into crafting , perfecting , and overall just living with the music. I know there are things that i really would just like to fix , but overall im VEERY pleased with the final result. I personally want to thank Vershawn , CJ , Dre for lending their respective musical services and helping make producing this project nothing but fun! I also want to thank the young G Raz Fresco & Ms. Attia Taylor for just being apart just believing in my vision . These guys are gonna change the world through art and I'm just happy to say I know them... seriously ...its means a lot.

I just want to let everyone know that appreciate EVERY download , tweet , FB message/wall post , and any way you choose to spread the word about my ART. I take my art very serious , but I doubt i would be able to continue if the supporters didn't get the word out. This album came from a VERY positive place , and I'm very geeked about hearing the response. THIS IS ALSO JUST THE BEGINNING. But anyway , w/o any more delay... I present ... INFINITY


 Infinity: Download

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