November 20, 2010

Nicki Minaj Openly Addresses Lil' Kim Issue [Audio]

Nicki addresses fully the Lil' Kim situation with Angie Martinez. I saw on twitter earlier that XV was speaking on the subject of Nicki & Kim and I had a little input.
"I know... I shall be bashed for this... I'm from Brooklyn but, I can't ride with Kim @XtotheV speaks the truth as much I'd wanna kick it BK" We respect Lil' Kim and understand that she paved the way. It's definitely an issue of her personal feelings about Nicki. It's as if Kim want's Nicki to revive her career. Original design is not created but, designs that are altered and advanced and that is how artists move foward.

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@Mardigraz718 said...

Yeah but come on you talkin about almost an entire style jack here. Like yeah she brought her little elements to it but the majority of her image is Kim whole style! The music is WAY different as Kim was and is still listenable but you're supposed to borrow some and alter, not borrow most and alter. That's wack!....IMO