June 26, 2011

"The A.M." AF The Naysayer & Luke St. John [Video]

The A.M. - AF The Naysayer x Luke St. John from tyler russell on Vimeo.

Ever so often my inbox is graced with music that is actually dope. This time around that graciousness came in the form of  @afthenaysayer  and @LukeSaintJohn . Hailing from Louisiana, USA these two put a smile on my face with the video above. Why, you ask? Well, because 1.) I always dig hip hop and live bands 2.) I appreciate good flow 3.)  I'm a fool for great production. So check them out and tell us what you think.

AF THE NAYSAYER X LUKE ST. JOHN; the sound-scape supremacy that is AF THE NAYSAYER divined within the supernatural wordplay of LUKE ST. JOHN blends dreamlike sound-scapes with alchemical instrumentation. Imagine Jay Electronica and Prefuse 73 remixing the soundtrack for Chrono
Trigger. Multi-platform experimentation on colorful complex chords, detailed ambiguity reminiscent of scripture, and an overall upbeat event all explore the worlds of AF THE NAYSAYER and LUKE ST. JOHN.

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