June 16, 2011

Numbers & Shapes | Theodore Gram [Mixtape]

You might of heard this man, @realtheograms on a few projects from Chiddy Bang. He emcees & produces. It's my first time getting a listen to his solo work and it's pretty dope to me! This isn't his first project I'm gonna go sifting through after I'm one w/ this one to find some others. The great Xaphoon Jones who we had a chance to interview last year even got on this project. He reached out to me to edit some stuff on the cover it was cool. Moving on up hopefully I'll get to make the artwork one day.

01. ▲ feat. Yung Triz [Produced by Theodore Grams]
02. Actin’ Like Heathen [Produced By PottyMouth Beats]
03. Red Cups (Doubled Up) [Produced by Theodore Grams]
04. ◼ feat. Plane Walker [Produced By Theodore Grams]
05. Reality Bites [Produced by Theodore Grams]
06. I Am [Produced by Pace-O Beats]
07. Crystallized [Produced by Xaphoon Jones]
08. The Vision [Produced by Theodore Grams]
09. ◯ [Produced by Theodore Grams]
10. Oval Office [Produced by Theodore Grams]

Download: Numbers & Shapes | Theodore Gram

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