August 9, 2011

Open Your Ears: Daley

@Daleymusic is an artist from the UK and if you're down with the Gorillaz you might recognize his name from the song "Doncamatic" that was released last year. He has a smooth soulful voice, just enough to keep you wanting to listen to what else hes going to do with it. Although the covers he chooses and the general sound of his solo project render sounds of both R&B and Smooth R&B, he is versatile. Listen to "Doncamatic" (just because its the Gorillaz) and then listen to his "Pretty Wings" Cover(with me being a diehard Maxwell fan...I approve this cover). After that, press play on "Game Over" one of my favorite songs on his debut mixtape Those Who Wait. Then listen one of his singles, "Alone Together" featuring none other than Marsha Ambrosius (just because that song is ill) which can also be found on his mixtape. And after all of that if you feel so inclined to do so...please actually DOWNLOAD his mixtape Those Who Wait will be pleasantly surprised.

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