January 29, 2012

CooLikeDat Exclusive: Interview w/ Joe Cool!

This time around we ask @JoeFnCool a few questions.

CLD: Who is Joe Cool?
JC: I always say Joe Cool is like a characterization of my raw conscience....Joe Cool is intelligent...but at the same time ignorant as fuck....as humans I think that’s how we all are.

CLD: When did you first realize you had a passion for music and wanted to pursue it?
JC: When I first heard "It Ain’t Hard to Tell" off Illmatic. It made me feel so many things at once, I almost lost my mind haha! I was already rapping at that point. I was like 15 or 16 and I just decided that I want to have this feeling forever...and I want to make other people feel this way...Imma go for it.

CLD: Can you name some of your main influences?
JC: Life, Marvin Gaye, Outkast, Eminem, cartoons, my friends, haha.... I don’t know. I have so many influences 

CLD: Congrats on the release of Cooley Hi! Do you have any favorite moments from recording this project?
JC: Thanks! I enjoyed doing this whole thing. My favorite moment I think was listening to the whole thing after it was finished though....and just feeling proud like I never felt before. I was just like damn....this is my baby hahaha.

CLD: Some of our favorite songs were “I Need It All”, “Cheeba”, and “RLCS”. Do you have any favorites?
JC: Damn I’m happy y'all have favorites! haha, but I think my favorites are “Fame” & “MK Ultra”. I felt “Fame” was the perfect song to come out the gate with on the tape, it makes me feel myself...haha. “MK Ultra” is dope to me because it’s a trap sound almost. I just think its dope to be able to make conscience music and then follow up with some simple ass hype shit haha. I just love all sounds of music.

CLD: Now that we know a little about you in reference to your music, do you mind if we get to know you? Hopefully not. So with that being said, when you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?
JC: I wanted to be everything! haha. I wanted to be an artist for Marvel Comics in elementary! I actually sent them my art, even though it was more anime'ish. They mailed me back saying it was nice and that I need to graduate high school first. After that I wanted to be a professional wrestler for the WWE! hahaha. Me and 2 of my closest friends would always be getting into trouble in Junior High wrestling and shit.

CLD: Top 3 Movies?
JC:AAAHHH! This is hard yo.  1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Jim Carey outdid himself acting. 2. Return of the Dragon because I love Bruce Lee movies and was raised on Kung Fu movies. 3. Superbad. Micheal Cera is that nigga, haha. Those are just 3 of my favorites. [Editors note: Those are all awesome choices, haha]

CLD: Complete these sentences. I can’t leave home without my:
JC: Phone!
CLD: If I could have 1 Million dollars for only ONE day I would:
JC: Invest it in a company that would make me money when that 1 day is over (loop hole! Haha).

CLD: All I need in this life of sin is:
JC: Me and my headphones

CLD: What can we expect from Joe Cool in the future?
JC: Nobody knows yet...and that’s kind of the cool thing. Just expect some epic music. 

CLD: We here at CooLikeDat would like to thank you for your time and as a last question we always like to ask: What makes you CooLikeDat?
JC: What makes me CooLikeDat is I’m about to listen to Digable Planets after this interview haha! Much love. 

 Follow Joe Cool @JoeFnCool and download Cooley Hi available now.

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