March 25, 2012

CooLikeDat Interview w/ The 6th Letter

@The6thLetter. We've had a series of back to back interviews in the last couple of weeks, but last week we didn't bring you one. Now we're back to it. We're bringing you the Toronto resident/ herbalist The 6th Letter. Get to know the kid.

Q: How did you get the name The 6th Letter from?

A: Well "The 6th Letter" is derived from my High School nickname which was "Freshie". My friends used to call me that cause I wore fresh shit everyday. In the Spring of 2010 is when I decided to take my music career a lot more seriously, I took the F from that and flipped it into a dope ass stage name. The 6th Letter of the alphabet is "F". F for "Freshie" or "Fresh" which relates to my style and the sound I bring to the table.

In all of your videos the setting is Toronto. Is that where you’re originally from?

Indeed. Born and raised.

Who are some of your main influences?

Pharrell, OutKast, Nas, ATCQ, Wu-Tang, The Cool Kids, Wiz & Spitta.

How did you get into rapping?

It's something I always wanted to do but never really built up the confidence to pursue up until about 10th grade. That's when I started rapping for my friends and freestyling at parties and shit like that. The response I'd get from my peers and others made me a lot more comfortable with rapping in front of people. It also motivated me to become better at it.

Anyone can tell you are a herbalist at heart. Do you have a favorite strain?

It's a tie between Chemdawg & Headband.

How do you go about your beat selection?

I just go with the dopest nostalgic sounding production presented to me. I have to connect with the beat before I even begin to write to it. For instance I'd play beats while I'm smokin, doin shit around the crib, out in the city, on the bus, on the train, wherever really.

If you had to choose 5 clothing lines to wear for the rest of your life what would they be?

Starter, Polo, Secret Scientist, BBC & Ice Cream.

Do you have a top 5 MC’s List?

Andre 3000, Nas, Method Man, Raekwon & Sir Michael Rocks.

If you had the chance to work with any artist/producers dead or alive who would they be?

Big L & J. Dilla.

We here at CooLikeDat would like to thank you for your time and as a last question we always like to ask: What makes you CooLikeDat?

I'm me. A Bakers Club nigga from Toronto makin cool ass music for cool ass people.

Check out for updates on the kid.

Also check out The 6th Letter on I'm CooL Vol 2.

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