March 11, 2012

CooLikeDat Interview w/ GrandeMarshall

 Philadelphia based E&J sipper @GrandeMarshall did a little Q & A with us. Check out his latest single E&J on CooLikeDat's I'm CooL Compilation Mixtape.  Click Read More For the Interview.

Q: 9 words that describe Grande Marshall?

A: R E A L N I G G A

Where did the name Grande Marshall come from?

I can't even really say. I was going back and forth drawing up names and what not and it just hit me. Looked it up to see if it meant anything (basically the leader of a march or parade, no homo) and I fucked with the meaning. Plus it also had Marshall, my last name in it, so it just stuck.

Who are some of your main influences?

I mean musically it's pretty far and wide, I draw inspiration from all genres and all that. Black Keys, Bibio, Juvenile, Ghostface, UFO, Obie Trice, UGK, Nas, Samiyam, K-OS, and all the etceteras. I'm open to whatever and whatever I take from that listening experience usually ties back into my own music.

How did you get into rapping?

I just gave it a shot and stuck with it. It was a medium that allowed me to express myself in whichever way and manner I desired to.

Fuck one. Kill One. Marry One. (Choose women anyone.)

Glenn Close. Rosie O'Donell. Gemma Arterton.

Since you are a self proclaimed Black & Mild connoisseur... What's your preference?

Toss up really, it's either the  Royale or the Cherry jawns. The Royale is brute in taste but burns  smoothly, while the Cherry has a light flavor to it, but the burn isn't  that smooth. The jawns without the filters are up there too, cheap and  they burn smoothly. Good to roll with as well.

The first thing I'm going to buy when I get a million is...

Some driver's ed classes, an 87 Caprice Brougham, some Daytons or some  smoothies to go on it, this apartment in Boerum Hill Brooklyn, a rottie  and the rest would get saved for a rainy day. I'd give some to my moms  and my pops too, whenever they need it, or just you know, drop a couple  stacks for the parental units. 

Do you have a top 5 MC’s List?

Dead or live it'd be Nas Biggie Ghostface DMX Beans. In the game right now? Just a toss up of random niggas I listen to. Bronson, Rocky, Q, Illecism, Danny Brown.i

Fan Question : Will we hear a full version Leopard Skinned Panties (We tried searching this couldn't find it.)

Hahaha yeah there's a continuation of that on 800. Strikkly 4 Da Bitchez.

We here at CooLikeDat would like to thank you for your time and as a last question we always like to ask: What makes you CooLikeDat?

I'm a regular ass dude at the end of the day. Regardless of where this rap shit takes me I'll always be a regular ol' dude. Fame would be cool, but it's not something I crave. Look at the people who do and look at how they act, they lose their sense of mortality and humanity. I'm not fucking with that. I wanna be regular ass GrandeMarshall always.

Check out more tracks from Grande Marshall's arsenal on his bandcamp.

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