March 4, 2012

CooLikeDat Interview w/ Robb Bank$

Robb Bank$ (@Tumblrgod) is an up and coming rapper from Southern Florida. Who has a knack for Pokemon Cards & fronts. Last month he released his debut EP Calenders. A little Q & A with the Florida based emcee.

Q: Who are some of your main influences?

A: Musically... Future, Drake, Aaliyah, Alley Boy, Lil B, Rich Hil & Webbie just to name a few, but as far a my writing process... I'm trying to find it right now my inspiration has changed in a big way since Calendars so I'm just trying to get my mind right these days.

Q: How did you get into rapping? 

A: Well... Of course I idolized certain rappers but... I don't think I can answer that 100%.. I don't know when I said 'I want to rap', but I just remember since I was a jit honestly like 4 or 5 according to my ole' girl, I always knew what I wanted to do. I started writing at like 6 or 7 and just... never stopped.

Q: Fuck one. Kill One. Marry One. (Choose women anyone.)

A: ...This took me like 5 straight mins to think of... 

Fuck: Chanel Iman 
Kill: Alysha Nett
Marry: Britne Oldford

Q: The first thing I'm going to buy when I get a million is...

A: A diamond row of perms, A wife, A Little town house, My mom a new crib, And My own Engineer and studio finally.

Q: Drugs of preference?

A: Haha I'm not finna glorify what I do so these little hipsters can go and hype it out on Tumblr before they overdose.

Q: What would you like to say to people who say you're biting ASAP Rocky or OF?

A: Year Of The Savage...

6 More Months.

Q: Where those your Pokemon cards in the "Counting" video? Favorite Pokemon card?

A: They were and Damn... As far as CARDS go. The Goldduck card always looked cold as hell. So I'ma go with Goldduck.

Q: Do you have a top 5 MC’s List?

A: Yea, Robb Bank$ x5

Q: We here at CooLikeDat would like to thank you for your time and as a last question we always like to ask: What makes you CooLikeDat?

A: I got a big dick...

Fuck wit me, Stop fuckin' wit me

Download Robb Bank$'s debut EP Calender's here.