June 10, 2012

CooLikeDat Interview w/ Abstract Ninjaa

You should know @AbstractNinjaa If you get down with #TUS or #TBC. If you don't then here's a chance to get acquainted. The Sacramento artist gave us some thoughts on a variety of topics including the affect of the internet on hip hop, some of his influences, Asian women and much more. Check it out right here.

CLD: Who is Abstract Ninjaa?
AN: Abstract is a scientist whose real name is Charles Davenport, he was working on a experiment that blew up on him which created “The Ninjaa” whose undercover name is Chuck DeLaGhetto Ninjaa. The Ninjaa is very evil and sometimes makes Abstract do a lot of shit he doesn’t want to do, that’s why they don’t get along and also why I said in a song “I’m waiting outside of the dojo cause I’m the Ninjaa’s assassin” most people probably thought “oh he’s a rogue ninja that’s waiting to kill other ninjas” but really I’m waiting outside to kill myself. A lot of people don’t know when they hear me rap smooth and somewhat random I’m rapping as Abstract, when people hear me rapping about violence or telling violent tales I’m rapping as The Ninjaa.

CLD: Tell us about that name.
AN: Well the name represents me, Abstract representing my creative side. What you see and hear is not what you get, you have to dig deeper into my rhymes because I’ll usually say three things but it really means one, if that makes sense. Expressing myself any way I want, that’s Abstract. The Ninjaa…now The Ninjaa represents most of the things about me like me being a martial artist, my Idgaf attitude, not really being afraid of much, having and giving respect, staying truthful to myself and in The Ninjaa’s case, being silent.

CLD: Who are some of the rappers/artists that have influenced you?
AN: MF DOOM mostly. I’m a really big DOOM fan but also Big L, Jean Grae, Das Racist and Danny Brown. Oh and Gucci Mane, that nigga is trill as fuck.

CLD: What are your feelings on the internet and how it's affected music? Do you think it's a positive or negative affect?
AN: I say both. It’s negative because there are always going to be assholes that try and hate on you and talk all the shit in the world, when they aren’t doing a damn thing. Probably at their moms house actin’ like the hardest nigga alive as long as a Mac book is in front of them but usually not ready to get beat up. The positive side is that people who actually like your shit will be able to hit you up and let you know, I still think its hella weird people feel my shit though but it’s cool.

CLD: How do you feel about labels like "internet rapper","weed rapper", etc. ?
AN: That’s just made by dumb fucks who don’t take the time to listen to  shit, like this dick skin fag boy posted "When Weed Became Breakfast, TBC” on his blog and said “some weed rappers I found.” Nigga you can listen to every track, we only rapped about weed on one song. We called it WWBB because we had beats that sounded like a wake n bake, muthafuckas see that cover and are like “weed?!” no nigga we are not Wiz Khalifa.

CLD: iMAGiNARY COMMERCiALiSM was really great. Do you have a favorite song from it?
AN: Thank you and not really because all the songs are hella old accept two (“MustacheCashStash” & “Brenda Spencer”). I wrote “Words from the Ninjaa” when I was a junior in high school, (I’m class of '09). I wanted to re-release iMAGiNARY COMMERCiALiSM because last year when I dropped it, I thought that shit fucking sucked. I had the flu recording in a cold ass garage smoking and drinking beer, so to me that shit came out horrible. I just added all new beats, took hooks off shit and put three new songs. 

Alright now let's have some fun...

CLD: How about those Asian girls?
AN: Ha-ha, I fuckin’ love me some life size kittens they are so interesting to look at and it helps if they look good. S/O to all the Asian girls that enjoy Abstract Ninjaa haha.

CLD: Drugs. What is your drug of choice? (If marijuana), do you have a favorite strain?
AN: I tried coke an ex before, that shit was hella dope but I stopped fuckin’ with that shit. As for weed I like any strain that get me high, I’m from California so I don’t have the same problem as other niggas outside of Cali that think Kush is just the almighty best. Niggas just like to label shit so it sounds good to other dumb niggas. I also fuck with shrooms, that’s my shit.

CLD: Fill in the blanks:

a. #TUS/#TBC or listen to Big Sean Ft. Bitch Nikki (Iggy azalea)

b. Don't ever say the words “Rack City Bitch” to me or I'll kick you

c. When I'm trying to relax I listen to Rahel- "I’m Fine" (Prod. Eric Lau)

d. Hip Hop heads annoy the sh*t out of me

e. I love vagina and candy

f. While I'm here let me just say there is no such thing as “Real Hip Hop” you either have good or bad Hip Hop, that’s it, that’s all. People feel like just because they listen to hella 80’s or 90’s Hip Hop that they have to hate on everything because it doesn’t sound like what they listen to. Most of the shit they listen to is wack and the rest is shit that can’t be duplicated so niggas need to chill out with all this music beef over people they don’t even know. Also leave me alone about “Smoke One for DOOM”

CLD: What can we expect from Abstract Ninjaa in the future?
AN: You can expect a lot of work. Features, projects, videos and clothes so far I have eight projects in the works right now to drop in 2012 so you’re going to get used to hearing my name a lot more. Check out Misc. Adventures of Ninjaa Guy which is out now.

CLD: Any "shout outs"?
AN: Shout out to TUSTBC because I don’t think anyone is watching how hard all of us are working, & MARZ Lovejoy, she’s so beautiful.

CLD: We here at CooLikeDat.com would like to thank you for this interview and as a last question we always like to ask: what makes you CooLikeDat?
AN: Actually being myself makes me “CooLikeDat” and not just “social network” being myself as in posting something that has to confirm that I’m “different” and “myself”, lol people are so corny with that shit, but I’m just me man niggas like it or fight me I could care less to tell the truth, FUCK BEiNG COOL –JewishJesus

Follow @AbstractNinjaa on twitter and download his latest:
 Misc. Adventures of Ninjaa Guy   

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