August 13, 2012

Happy Birthday To Sai of CooLikeDat [News]

Happy Birthday to Mrs. CooLikeDat herself. Sai is one of the coolest people I know, it's been a privilege to work with her and know her. For those who might not know her, Sai runs the West Coast division of CooLikeDat and has been working with me since basically the beginning of this whole thing ever since our logo was pixelated and we used to play "Rebirth of Slick" on the website. Just know without her CooLikeDat wouldn't be what it is today. For the past two years and some change both Sai & I have been working to bring you updates on the coolest stuff. We're coming up on our third anniversary and each year CooLikeDat grows into something I'm more and more proud of and this is all thanks to Sai. Everyone go say Happy Birthday to Sai today! THANKS SAI YOU'RE THE BEST.

- Indy

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