January 5, 2010

CooLikeDat Exclusive: A Lil' Q & A With 1/2 of the Kidz In the Hall

Well as you may know CooLikeDat has spread to the Twitter and now I am a Twitter addict, well I wouldn't say addict. Anyway I am on Twitter a lot. I got the chance of the last weeks of '09 to talk to Double_0 the producer/kinda rapper of Kidz In the Hall. He did this exclusively for CooLikeDat.

Q: How did you and Naledge get together? Are you both from Chicago?

A: We linked up back in '01 at the University Of Pennsylvania.. you can wiki the rest son!! lol

Q: What can we expect from the studio album The Land of Make Believe? Are there any special appearances?

A: It's probably our most personal album. With "The In Crowd" we purposely put a guest on every track. It was supposed to represent this ushering in of a new "Hip Hop" generation. The new album has some of the same pop sensibilities but we focused much more on ourselves and where we are as men. There are guest appearances but we are a little early to let those out the back yet. All I can say is there aren't many.

Q: What sets Kidz In the Hall apart from other groups in Hip Hop today?

A: I think the biggest thing that sets us apart as artists period is our commitment to constant evolution. Most artists get hot off one thing and try to wash, rinse and repeat. We knew that the road for us wasn't going to be instant fame so we are trying to build a catalog that we can be proud of. And hopefully inspire with.

Q: Do you have any influences for your music? What 3 songs do you listen to the most right now?

A: Everything influences me. Life really. My mind has always looked outside of hip hop for inspiration. I have really concetrated on songwriting in general a lot more lately. I used to be just all about instrumentation but I have been studying songwriting more everything from Coldplay to The Dream.

Michael "Double-0" Aguilar
1/2 Of The Kidz In The Hall
FOLLOW ME:: twitter.com/double0kidz
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KiDz In THe HaLL -- "Land Of Make Believe" 3rd album out Sept. 2009 DuckDown Records

"The In Crowd" &
"School Was My Hustle"



Sai said...

Great interview! Love how he said he studies Coldplay and The Dream...thats really cool, as do i. Good job!

HaterBlocka said...

That is super dope that he listens to Cold Play they are one of my favorite bands!