January 5, 2010

Talib Kweli Defends Jay-Z against the accusations.

"So Jay-Z Kanye and Rihianna are Illuminati now? Y'all need to step y'all conspiracy theories up. Somebody prove to me that Jay-Z and his cohorts are Illuminati. Besides images from videos and on Rocawear gear, specculatory internet stuff. I mean there are real forms of systematic oppression y'all could be making You Tube vids about. For real. So, if you ain't Christian or don't promote Christianity you Illuminati? I get it now. WWJd? I read Illuminati 666 Behold, A Pale Horse, New World Order, the Matrix series etc. In college. Never met Rhianna. Met Jay a number of times. I KNOW Kanye. I ain't quite talking out my ass." -Talib Kweli

Here is one of the videos that everyone went crazy about... Look up Free Masons. A lot of this and the other stuff said in the video made sense to me and everyone else.

I figured out the full accusation information yesterday before this I had just heard the basic information. Last night I really started believing everything in Hip Hop was a conspiracy. But, I believe it less now. I still have some questions but, now I can tell all my friends that its ok. They can listen to Jay-Z songs again.

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Sai said...

So its about time someone stick up for Jay not that he needs or anything, but everyone just atttacks attacts attacks, its like...come on. Like he said everybody who ISNT christian or doesnt preach Jesus 24/7 all the time, isnt illuminati. Maybe some are, but lets slow down on the hasty generalizations. Im not defending him because who REALLY knows what Jay is doing and anyone else accused of being apart of the illuminati. Im defending the principal...in other words...you tell em Talib!