April 27, 2010

CooLikeDat Review: Don't Mention It | Pac Div

Pac Div released their third online mixtape today. I almost forgot it dropped but, I caught it a couple of hours after I got home from school. The tape is pretty dope, I kinda like it better than Wiz Khalifa's Kush x Orange Juice because they didn't have the same reoccurring track coming with a different beat. Pac Div isn't liked for their lyrical content but, for the fact they can make you laugh. At the same time they can have tracks like "Overcome" on the mixtape where they let us about their come up and their hardships. Maybe it's just me but everytime "Here We Go" it doesn't play. I think I need to download it again. Also, respect to Pill goin' in on "Birds." I'm waiting from something from him.

Favorite Tracks: "It's On"| "Birds (feat. Pill)" | "Brocolli"| "On Off Switch (feat. TY$)" | "Don't Forget The Swishers (feat. Dom Kennedy, cARTer & Chip Tha Ripper"

Rating 7.8/10


IndyIzCooLikeDat said...
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ChrissyPrissy said...

Low Rating Don't you think?