November 23, 2010

CooLikeDat Review: Loud | Rihanna

Before you start rolling your eyes with remembrance of the Bajan singers last “Rated R” album which bore a dark and depressing sound, give this one a chance! Loud stands as Rihanna’s most versatile album yet. With nods to europop, reggae, and urban music genres, Loud will not leave you bored.

The erotic sounds of the opening “S&M” will definitely have you asking “did she just say that?”, well rest assure, she did. A little much, but isn’t that why we love (and hate in some cases) Rihanna? Moving forward we get the very pop radio ready sounds of “Cheers ” and by now, there is no need to worry; Rihanna won’t be playing Russian Roulette or shooting anybody this time around. That is of course until you get the reggae dubbed “Man Down” which Rihanna sings “oh mama, mama, mama I just shot a man down/in central station in front of a big ol’ crowd” with the deepest islander accent any of her songs have used.  The next song on the album has been talked about almost more than the singles of the project. “Raining Men” featuring none other than Nicki Minaj is an rnb/hip hop sounding track that takes on a fun approach to the classic, “Its Raining Men”. Even though lyrically, not the best song on the album it will definitely make you dance, and definitely make you laugh. Other tracks such as “Complicated” and “California King Bed” showcase some of Rihanna’s best vocal performances that have gone awry in some of her recent projects. 

Loud is a great album for anyone to listen to (of appropriate age of course).Whether you’re a fan of her earlier “Music of the Sun” sounds or you fancy the “Good Girl Gone Bad”, you will find Loud enjoyable to say the least. However if you found “Rated R” utterly perfect, you will only like a handful of songs on this album.Whether it’s the subject matters or production, Loud is definitely progressive. The only criticism is that some of the songs are used to simply pass the time between the stronger cuts on the album. There is a thin line between versatile and all over the place and Rihanna has found a comfortable spot in between the two, which is Loud

My Favorite Tracks- Skin | S&M| Man Down |Complicated |Cheers 


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