November 24, 2010

CooLikeDat Review: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy [Album] | Kanye West

Kanye West's fifth album entitled My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy finally released yesterday, November 23rd. The clean version released over a week ago but, the real fans have been waiting for the uncensored, unadulterated, raw music from Ye. I know so many of us were waiting for Kanye to come back with a real rap album and he final has. This is one of Kanye's finest works, if not the best.

Dark Fantasy (feat. Nicki Minaj)
Kanye has Nicki Minaj set the beginning of the album with a quick little monologue in her British accent to set the mood. You expect an epic uplifting beat with the Mike Old Field sample of "In High Places." But, it ends up in a hard grimy beat made into something classy with the piano in the background. With Kanye dropping two hard verses to match the hard beat. "DJ's need to listen to the models. You ain't got no fuckin' Yeezy in ya Serrato?"

Gorgeous (feat. Raekwon & Kid Cudi)
The hook to this song makes me feel so weird primarily because KiD CuDi singing it with his current liquid cocaine addiction. Also, there is a "Too Soon" moment where Ye says, "They lookin at me weird like I'm sniffin' coke." Kanye releases some of his enclosed feelings about where he stands in his career as well. Lastly, the song title does not really relate to the lyrics in the song.

Although, many religious groups that believe that the Illuminati is closely intertwined with the music industry (not true) Kanye is speaking about him and his affair with the Illuminati. It is about all the Power he has obtained during his career and how he has a huge impact on the masses.

All Of the Lights (Interlude)
A little something to set the mood.

All Of the Lights (feat. Everyone That Can Sing With And A Pulse)

Two verses end up in a 5 minute with Kanye speaking on what he calls the Ghetto University (Compare It To His First Three Albums) which is the outline of life for a lot of lower class, black individual. Listen to the story told in the song.

Monster (feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver)
Just a hard rap track where I believe Rick Ross should of been removed. Before in the original version that was released of this song Bon Iver had a longer part on this record that I believed should of been removed as well but, it was altered and its cool there. J & Ye killed. Nicki really showed how Barbies can kick it with big boys.

So Appalled (feat. Jay-Z, Pusha T, CyHi Da Prynce, RZA & Swizz Beatz)
Another hard rap track but, in this one Swizz Beatz should of been removed and so should RZA unnecessary vocals. No need for the corny hype. Kanye & Jay-Z both destroyed their verses but, J's slick word play pushed MC Hammer to come up with a diss track which ended up in a fail. Pusha T ehhhhh the verse wasn't bad. This was the first track I heard CyHi on and it was a ridiculous verse. He stood out on this. Usually, the unknown artist who is in a superstar line up blends into the back.  

"I  met this girl on Valentine's Day, fucked her in May she found out about April, and decided to march." -CyHi

Devil In a New Dress (feat. Rick Ross)
Whenever I hear this track I think that dinner in Kanye's Short Film "Runaway". But, I love this song and Rick Ross was a nice touch of G'ness to the end of the song.

Runaway (feat. Pusha T)
With everyone knowing about the whole situation with Taylor Swift. I assume that Kanye touches upon the topic of how he has always been known as an asshole, a douchebag so on an so forth. But, it relates to his past relationships but, not specifically Amber Rose.

Hell Of a Life
One day Kanye is gonna marry Amber Rose pornstar.

Blame Game (feat. John Legend & Chris Rock)
Kanye goes deep into his past relationships and how they used to play the blame game where its pretty much self explanatory. Chris Rock kills me at the end... Everytime.

Lost In the World (feat. Bon Iver)
Kanye ends the album with this face paced song. He says that the first verse might be his favorite verse he has ever made. Nothing special about it to me but, the song is good.

See Me Now (feat. Beyonce, Charlie Wilson & Big Sean)[Bonus]
 .... Sean Killed... It... That's All.

Kanye took artistry to another level with this project. Not many rappers have taken their music to the levels that Kanye West has. He has almost perfected his craft making him one of the greatest hip hop artists of all time *Kanye Voice.



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10/10 The album is simply amazing, the beat transitions in Devil In a New Dress is epic and the Interlude feels like a symphony is playing in front of you