June 23, 2011

En Kärlekshistoria | TiRon & Ayomari [EP]

Anything from these guys is always welcome here without any question. However just in case you do have a question, peep the explanation found on Moovmnt.com. Also we did an interview with both TiRon and Ayomari a while back feel free to peep those as well. Really dope artwork as well...
The “En Kärlekshistoria” EP is the result of two guys from Crenshaw and Slauson coolin’ out in Stockholm for twelve days. TiRonAyomari decided to release this Swedish love story, produced by the Sum Comfort Food duo. So appropriately (on Midsummer’s Eve) we bring you this EP as a Moovmnt exclusive. It features the lovely Seinabo Sey on the vocals and is just a warmup, because the guys from LA are also dropping another project called “A Sucker For Pumps” later this summer. Feel free to download, enjoy and share with your friends.
Download: En Kärlekshistoria | TiRon & Ayomari

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